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Programs Offered


Ages 2-3 years

The toddler program is preparing the child for the Primary Program. We work on potty training. The children work on things like sitting in circle time and lining up to transition inside/outside. Many sensorial activities are introduced and real life items are used in the classroom. When glancing in the window, you might find a child watering plants, washing dinosaur toys, sorting colors, doing yoga poses, etc. Children want to do what parents do, and feel a sense of pride for their classroom when they are able to help and do these everyday activities. We offer part time and full time programs in the toddler classroom. 



Ages 3-6 years

In our Primary classroom, children are invited to select "work" from our prepared environment. There are 5 main areas which include Practical Life, Sensorial, Cultural, Math and Language. In a Montessori Primary classroom, the teacher becomes an observer,  mostly, because the children have such pride and excitement for their classroom. They love having a calm, organized environment and this calm environment provides the chance for concentration and focus. We believe that all children learn at their own pace and so children are challenged at their own level. Teachers are able to work one on one with children or in a small group setting because of the low ratio of 12:1. 

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